How to check the engine oil quality?

To properly check the level, warm up the engine and place the vehicle on a level, horizontal surface. It is advisable to check the oil level regularly, setting the car in the same position. After stopping the engine, at least five minutes should pass to allow the oil in the oil system to drain to the maximum into the sump. Take out the dipstick and wipe it with a cloth, then put it back in until it stops and take it out again holding it vertically down so that the dripping oil cannot distort the measurement. The oil level should be between the max and min marks. Or close the notched area on the dipstick (it depends on which dipstick the vehicle manufacturer uses). It’s always a good idea to smell the dipstick when measuring the oil level, the smell of fuel or burning is a reason to have it checked at the service station. Oil dripping too fast or too slowly from the dipstick is also a reason to apply for service. The dark color of the oil is not a sign of failure, darkening of oil is a normal phenomenon in operation. You should pay attention to the color when the oil is no longer transparent and has the color of coffee with milk. This is a reason to have the car diagnosed.

Minor oil consumption, within a liter per service mileage, is not a cause for concern. It is also recommended to pay attention to the cleanliness of the filler cap itself. There should be no soot, emulsion, or other impurities under the cap. If the fuel system malfunctions, the oil level in the engine may exceed the original level, in which case you should definitely contact the service. Fortunately, such malfunctions are quite rare, when checking the oil level, you can make an early diagnosis yourself to prevent possible problems with the engine.

How to fill up the oil in the car engine?

You should refill the oil in small portions, about 100 ml with constant level control. It is recommended to use a proper funnel for filling. When changing the oil completely, you should first add the fresh oil to the minimum mark, start the engine and wait till the line is full, when the pressure indicator light goes out. After that, the oil level should be brought up to the maximum. Most engines can hold about a liter of oil from the min to max mark. Reference books, specifying the volume of the oil system, do not always indicate the capacity of the oil filter, so a correction should be made for its volume.

How often should I check the oil level in the engine?

It’s all very individual. On older vehicles, it was recommended to check the oil level on the dipstick before each trip. On modern commercial vehicles, the manual says “Check daily”. Modern foreign cars require checking the oil level in the engine much less frequently. It depends on how often you use the car and on the daily mileage. In some cases, it is enough to check once a week. And the “advanced” models even have automatic sensors that signal the driver when the oil level in the engine drops.

It is recommended to always have 1 liter of suitable oil in the trunk for refilling.

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