Acura TLX questions

Do you know any data on ground clearance and angles of approach and departure? Need to know the off-road capability

The Acura TLX has a ground clearance of 139 mm, a front entry angle of 13.1 degrees, and an exit angle of 15.5. For a sedan quite normal indicators, almost the same in other classmates – BMW 5-Series, Audi A6, and Mercedes-Benz E-class.

What’s the suspension on the Acura TLX?

The suspension is very comfortable and stable, sporty, and very feel all the potholes and bumps. More like a German than a Japanese car. As for the suspension scheme, it is common for cars of this class. In the front – McPherson struts (independent spring), in the back – multilever independent spring.

In addition, this suspension is technologically advanced. It has Amplitude Reactive Dampers, which suppress small vibrations.

Acura TLX – where is it assembled?

The Acura TLX is made in North America at the Acura plant in Marysville, Ohio.

Who does the Acura TLX compete with?

This car belongs to the premium segment of the E-Class. Models in this class include Audi A6, BMW 5 Series Limousine, Cadillac CTS, Chrysler 300C, Hyundai Genesis, Infiniti Q70, Jaguar XF, Lexus ES, Lexus GS, Mercedes-Benz CLS, Mercedes-Benz E, Volvo S80.

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