Audi A4 cruise control how to use

1 – key for activation of cruise control;
2 – key for entering the set speed into the “memory”;
3 – switch lever of direction indicator and headlights.

Some vehicles are equipped with the cruise control system, which allows you to maintain a constant set speed of the car (over 35 km / h) when the accelerator pedal is released. The cruise control controls are located on the turn signal lever and headlight switch. On automatic transmission models, cruise control is only activated when the selector lever is in D and 2.

WARNING: The cruise control can only be used on long-haul freeway journeys. Do not use the cruise control on city streets, in heavy traffic, etc.


  1. Move button 1 to the EIN position to activate the cruise control. 2.
  2. Press button 2 after the car has accelerated to the required speed. The set speed is then maintained automatically and you can take your foot off the accelerator pedal.
  3. Press the accelerator pedal when the speed is briefly increased (e.g. when overtaking). After the pedal is released, the speed will automatically decrease to the set constant speed.
  4. If you want to increase the set driving speed, press button 2 and hold it until the desired speed is reached.
  5. Pressing the brake or clutch pedal will temporarily disengage the cruise control. When you release the pedal, the set speed is restored.
  6. To disengage the cruise control, move button 1 to the AUS position. The set speed is then stored in “memory”.
  7. To restore the set speed, move button 1 to position AUFN.

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