How to program Audi A4 key

It is no secret that if you change the key battery in your Audi, discharge the battery or simply remove the terminal from it, the key stops responding to pressing the central locking buttons, but the car opens through the door and the car starts.
For the key bind, clever uncles gladly take a penny, and masters of one hundred, remove the terminal from the battery, often not aware of the future problems of the owner and solve such simple nuances do not know-how.
Let us mention at once that the key should have been previously tied to the car, a new key still need to prescribe in the remote control unit by Vag-Com.
So, the procedure is very simple and takes a couple of minutes:

  1. We press the button on the key to close the doors and insert the key into the door latch of a closed car without releasing the button.
  2. Without releasing the button, turn the key to the left position to the stop until the door is open and the windows are lowered to the bottom position (if the windows do not open โ€“ count to 10).
  3. Release the button and the key in the lock so that the key itself returns to zero position.
  4. Remove the key.
  5. Clamp the button to close the doors, but nothing in the lock without releasing the key and turn right until the doors are completely closed and the windows are up to the stop (or again count to 10).
  6. Then open the car with this key, turning it in the lock without pressing any buttons.
  7. Get in the car, close the door. Insert the key in the ignition, on the keypress the button to open the door, and without releasing it turn the key, starting the car.
  8. Turn the car off, release the button, take out the key, go out, slam the door and enjoy the working buttons.

Hopefully, it will be useful not only to owners of Audi but also to owners of cars VAG-family, which are almost the same central locking unit and do not want to spend money on re-binding keys to the central locking system.

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