How to reset service light on Audi A4

It is very easy and fast to reset the service interval on the Audi A4. Owners, who give their cars to service at service stations, don’t face this problem, but those drivers, who take care of the car by themselves, will undoubtedly reset the service without any help.

How to reset service of Audi A4?

  1. Press the wrench button.
  2. Switch on the ignition, holding the button.
    You do not need to start the engine!
    Release the button and the display will show “SERVICE IN? km appears on the display or “SERVICE!
  3. Press the daily mileage reset button “0.0” immediately – SERVICE IN – – – -Tagen” will appear in the display or SERVICE! will disappear.
  4. The new interval will appear after driving 500-1000 km.
    That is all, the service interval of Audi A4 B6 is reset. On other cars, the service interval reset may be slightly different.

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