Shudder/vibration when accelerating Audi A4. Elimination of clicks

Minor vibration on the body on acceleration, and after 2000 pm, the pads were all normal but was torn on the inner screw when disassembled that were noticeable two grooves

There was a backlash when rocking up and down, as far as the other side was even more backlash it was decided to change two, the clicks were when you twist the steering wheel in the parking, were changed steering tips, the upper two levers from parking on the curb failed one but changed both levers, had a bit of trouble with the knuckle, it was jammed and cracked, thought it might be making a snap too, changed the lower arm too as it was unchanged and the silent block was cracked

Two keys were used to tighten the bolt, one electronic and the other just biometric

torque wrench with scale
Screw in with a force of 4 kg

When I took the car outside, the clicks did not disappear, they were heard in the cabin under the torpedo, the master told me to turn the steering wheel and he went to look for it. The clicks came from the rack at the mounting points, we were able to get to three screws, one tightened exactly, the clicks are not so obvious, but if they appear, then pull the remaining two screws

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