What type of coolant for BMW X3

The table shows the type and color of antifreeze to fill in the BMW X3 E83, produced from 2003 to 2010.

YearEngineA typeColorLifetimeRecommended manufacturers
2003gasoline, dieselG12red5 yearsCastrol SF, G-Energy, Freecor, Lukoil Ultra, GlasElf
2004gasoline, dieselG12red5 yearsFreecor, AWM, MOTUL Ultra, Lukoil Ultra
2005gasoline, dieselG12red5 yearsLukoil Ultra, Motorcraft, Chevron, AWM
2006gasoline, dieselG12red5 yearsMOTUL Ultra, MOTUL Ultra, G-Energy
2007gasoline, dieselG12 +redfrom 4 to 5 yearsChevron, AWM, G-Energy, Lukoil Ultra, GlasElf
2008gasoline, dieselG12 +redfrom 4 to 5 yearsChevron, G-Energy, Freecor
2009gasoline, dieselG12 +redfrom 4 to 5 yearsHavoline, MOTUL Ultra, Lukoil Ultra, GlasElf
2010gasoline, dieselG12 +redfrom 4 to 5 yearsHavoline, AWM, G-Energy

For a proper purchase, you only need to know the Type and Color (shade) of antifreeze allowed for your specific body year. The same Antifreeze Type can be available in different colors, the table shows such cases.
In the case of a complete fluid change, it is sufficient to know only the type of antifreeze that is suitable. If you need to refill, it is important to know also the Color of the already filled fluid. The manufacturer chooses at your discretion. Do not forget – each type of fluid has its own service life.

For example: For a 2003 BMW X3 (E83), with a gasoline or diesel engine type, a – Carboxylate grade antifreeze, type G12 with shades of red. The approximate time of the next replacement will be – 5 years.

If possible, check the fluid selected against the vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and service intervals.

Important to know
The possible colors of each fluid type are listed below.
There are cases where the color has different shades. For example, red can be pink or light orange.

It is possible to mix liquids from different manufacturers as long as their types match the mixing conditions.

  • G11 can be mixed with counterparts of G11
  • G11 must not be mixed with G12
  • G11 can be mixed with G12+
  • G11 can be mixed G12+
  • G11 can be mixed G13
  • G12 can be mixed with counterparts G12
  • G12 must not be mixed with G11
  • G12 can be mixed with G12+
  • G12 must not be mixed with G12++.
  • G12 must not be mixed with G13
  • G12+, G12++, and G13 can be mixed together.
  • Do not mix Antifreeze with Tosol. Under no conditions!

It is advisable but not obligatory to take color into account when mixing.

Tosol and Antifreeze are very different qualities. Tosol is the trade name for the traditional type (TL) coolant of the old type.
At the end of its useful life, the fluid will become completely discolored or severely dull. Before replacing one type of fluid with another, flush the vehicle’s radiator with plain water.

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