BMW X3 or X5 which is better

When in 2008 the Bavarian designers introduced a new crossover model – BMW X3, it was not too different from its older counterpart. The difference was in smaller dimensions and presence of revolutionary at that period transmission xDrive.

How things are now, after restyling the X5 and the X3? At the same time, we shall find out what is better: BMW X5 or BMW X3?

The new X5 is even longer after the upgrade, now the difference is 30 cm. In addition, its width is also much greater than in the X3. Due to the increase in size, the X5 has two additional passenger seats.

What exactly has changed?

In turn, the BVM X3 also underwent a restyling. And if before its design was too flashy, now it has become reminiscent of the early X5 series before modernization. Thus, if you wanted to buy a BMW X5 series, but do not have enough money, you can buy the X3. After all, externally it is now very similar to its older counterpart, but it costs much cheaper. Also keep in mind that the weight of the 3 is much less, about 2110 kg, which positively affects the economy of this model, but not in everything.

Economy and ecological compatibility

The diesel X5 consumes 8.4/6.7/7.4 liters per hundred in the city/highway/mix, the younger brother under the same conditions: 9.2/5.9/7.2 liters. As we can see, the city cycle consumes more fuel in the X3. Taking into account that this crossover is worse than the elder brother, which is almost an SUV according to its characteristics, it is a significant minus, as the X3 is an automobile of city type. Thus, to judge what is better than the BMW X5 or X3 on the data flow rate is not entirely appropriate.

As a result of restyling of both models, the advantage of BMW X3 in electronics has come to naught. And even on the contrary, now the X5 not only uses xDrive-transmission but there are many electronic systems, which the X3 is not equipped with.

On the running gear and the box

The turning radius of the new X3 is less by 16%, which is undoubtedly a plus. Otherwise, the new X5 is considerably ahead of the BMW X3 in terms of reliability and driving comfort. The engine of the “five” is more powerful, so it has more horses. The gearbox is 8-speed, whereas the X3 has 6-speed. The directional stability is better, especially on corners, especially at high speeds. The X5 enters a corner with the confidence of a cruiser, whereas the X3 has a roll.


As for safety, both models can be considered as benchmarks of passenger safety. And even Euro NCAP gave the X3 model a well-deserved five points.

Compared to its predecessor, the new BMW X3 has grown in almost all key dimensions: wheelbase increased from 2810 to 2864 mm, length – from 4657 to 4708 mm, width – from 1881 to 1891 mm, and only height has decreased by 2 mm – from 1678 to 1676 mm. Curiously, by the defining parameters of the class, wheelbase, and length, the third-generation “X-third” has surpassed even the first-generation “X-five”, which has 2820 mm between the axes, and length – 4667 mm. It is connected with that, firstly, automobile classes generally have a tendency to grow, and, secondly, with the necessity to distance X3 from younger X1, which after moving to UKL platform with the transverse arrangement of the power unit has strongly increased in space and began to take away buyers from “X3”. Accordingly, one can expect that the next, fourth generation of the X5 will also become appreciably larger.

The changes in the exterior are evolutionary in nature. The easiest way to distinguish the new X-Third from the old one is from the front: the headlights are now visually separated from the larger brand nostrils, and the fog lights are not round, but elongated, hexagonal, LED.

The body is perfectly optimized in terms of aerodynamics: SCF = 0.29 (before it was 0.36). The weight distribution is ideal – 50:50. Curb weight is reduced by 55 kg compared to its predecessor. The volume of the trunk has not changed and ranges from 550 to 1600 liters. Ground clearance is 204 mm.

The interior now has a less massive dashboard with sticking out of the center console a 10.2-inch multimedia system that you can For an additional fee will offer a color projection display, a virtual 12.3-inch dashboard, three-zone climate control, interactive gadget-key BMW Display Key, and a number of other options, not available before.

Air suspension “X-Third” is still not allowed, for an additional fee you can order only adaptive shock absorbers or sporty M-suspension.

The BMW X3 will be available in three modifications: petrol M40i (360 hp) and diesel xDrive20d (190 hp) and xDrive30d (265 hp). Closer to the new year the gasoline version xDrive30i (252 hp) will appear, in spring 2018 – xDrive20i (184 hp) and sDrive20i with rear drive.

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