How to turn on windshield wipers?

No one nowadays can imagine a car without such a mechanism as wipers. Yes, and how can we do without them: you can’t get out of the car every time in bad weather to wipe the windshield. And it used to be until one woman (Mary Anderson) invented wipers. Modern windshield wipers, along with the windshield washer, perfectly clean the car’s windows from contamination. How to turn on the windshield wipers, we will learn from experienced motorists.

  1. The first thing to do is to turn on the ignition. The wipers and the windshield pump are controlled by the same lever, which is placed under the steering wheel, usually on the right side. To start the wipers, this lever must be moved up, the return of the lever to the previous position is automatic.
  2. This is the simplest mechanism to control the wipers. To make the wipers work faster, you need to move the lever up even more, and to reduce the speed – slightly clack down.
  3. To activate the windshield wipers, we slightly lift the lever up and hold it in this position. The wipers begin to work and the washer spray on the window. The longer the lever is pressed, the faster the wipers move.
  4. There are automatic wipers with rain sensors, here the mechanics is more complicated. To turn on these wipers: turn on the ignition, then the lever also needs to move up, or the wheel with an arrow on the lever put on ON. But in addition to this, there are different positions on the lever. For example, if the arrow on the wheel will show numbers 1 or 2, the wipers will be slower or faster to sweep the drops on the windshield. And if you set it to AUTO, the wipers will switch on periodically if necessary.
  5. Some cars have a wiper on the rear window. To start it, you need to slide the lever up and hold. The rear windshield wiper will operate itself periodically or when the car is reversed.
  6. It seems such a small thing – the wipers. While they work, you do not notice all the usefulness of this mechanism. And if you do not know how to use them in bad weather, you will immediately notice that there is no place without them. After reading all these simple recommendations, you can master the control of windshield wipers on your car.

How to turn off windshield wipers?

To turn off the windshield wipers, perform the above steps in reverse order!

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