Where is the BMW X5 made

The BMW X5 is the first full-fledged all-wheel-drive SUV belonging to the “K3” class in the history of the automobile concern “BMW”. The car made its debut at the Detroit Motor Show in early 1999, and the SUV started to be supplied to the European car market in 2000. Thanks to the fact that BMW X5 has a four-wheel drive, impressive ground clearance, and independent suspension for all wheels, it can be driven on absolutely any type of road. The basis of “X5” is taken by an absolutely new platform, unlike other SUVs, this one has a bearing body.

The second-generation BMW X5 – “E70” was presented in Paris in 2006. And in 2010 this model has been restyled. There have been changed the front and rear lights, fenders and front bumper. The 3-liter and 4.4-liter atmospheric engines were replaced by turbocharged analogs – 306-strong “35i” and 407-strong “50i”. The 6-speed gearboxes were replaced with 8-speed. The diesel powertrains have been changed: the “30d” is now 245 horsepower, and the “40d” is now 306 horsepower.

The BMW X5 is assembled at a plant located in Austria and in the state of South Carolina (USA).
The third-generation BMW X5 with the factory index “F15” debuted in the fall of 2013 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. “Newcomer” became slightly lower and wider, but added 32 mm in length, which went completely into the front overhang. Suspension geometry has been finalized and shock absorbers and springs have been reconfigured. Compared to the 2nd generation SUV became 150 kg lighter, while body rigidity increased by 6%. The clearance of the new “X5” was reduced to 209 millimeters.

Basically, the BMW X5 has a six-cylinder in-line 306 liter 3-liter “Twin Turbo” engine equipped with an eight-speed automatic. The car with this unit accelerates to 100 km/h in 6 seconds.

The top version “X5 xDrive50i” is equipped with a 450 strong 4.4-liter “Twin-Turbo V8” engine, also working with an 8-speed “automatic”. Up to 100 km/h with this engine “X5” accelerates in 5 seconds. The maximum cruising speed is 250 km/h.

The “xDrive30d” modification is equipped with a 258-horsepower turbocharged diesel inline-six with an eight-speed automatic.

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