Acura MDX or Infiniti QX70 (FX)

The Acura MDX is still more prestigious โ€“ it is bigger and seats seven people, looks more impressive on the road, though less aggressive. But faster and more powerful is the FX โ€“ even with the simplest 333-horsepower engine, this model accelerates faster than Acura โ€“ in 6.8 seconds against 7.3 in Acura

Cars are different even though they belong to the crossover โ€“ Acura is more of a family car when infinity car for a man who likes to surprise someone with its appearance. After all, agree Infiniti looks very evil.

This impudent look of Infiniti looks more interesting, and it is not important that there are seven places in Acura โ€“ anyway, nobody will ride on two back seats

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