How to adjust Audi A3 headlights

Headlight adjustment screws

(left main headlight is shown, right main headlight adjustment screws are mirrored)
1 – vertical adjustment
2 – horizontal adjustment

Left headlight adjustment screws audi a3


  1. Correct adjustment of the headlights is very important for the safety of the vehicle. Exact adjustment of the headlights is only possible with a special instrument. Therefore it only shows you where to adjust the headlights and which conditions must be met for correct adjustment.
  2. When adjusting the headlights, the fog lights are also adjusted, if they are present.

Adjustment conditions

The tires must be inflated to the specified air pressure. 2.
The vehicle must be unloaded. There must be a load of 75 kg (one person) on the driver’s seat.

  • Fill the fuel tank at least 90% full.
  • Park the vehicle on a level surface.
  • Push the front of the vehicle down hard several times to get the front suspension shock absorbers in their proper position.
  • Set the headlight range adjustment to “0”.
  • Headlights should only be adjusted at low beam. The inclination for a normal headlight is x = 10 cm per 10 m length. The slope ratio is stamped on the headlight holder (1.0% 10 cm per 10 m) (C and arrow).



  1. Insert a Phillips head screwdriver through the holes (A/B) or (1/2) in the lock holder.
  2. Turn the adjustment screws to achieve the correct setting.

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