What oil for Audi A3

What viscosity is suitable for the Audi A3 engine?
5W30, 5W40, 0W30. It depends on the environment and the condition of the engine.
What is the volume of oil in an Audi A3 engine?
A canister of 5 liters is sufficient. See this point in the article, the volume depends on the engine model.
What is the oil change interval in an Audi A3?
15,000 km or once a year. But it is better to change it more often.

Audi A3 oil selection criteria
All oils are selected on the basis of vehicle approvals, SAE, and ACEA compliance.

The VAG approvals are 502.00/505.00 and 504.00/507.00.
ACEA A3/B3 and higher.
The viscosity is suitable for 5W30, 5W40, 0W30. But more often drivers use 5W30.
Information on viscosity for a specific engine can be found in the engine oil interchangeability catalog: https://www.northsealubricants.com/en/oil-advisor.

The catalog can be trusted, as the data are taken from the car manufacturers. Thus it is possible to select not only oil for the engine but also for the gearbox, gears, brake system, cooling system. I.e. all fluids.

Original AUDI (VAG) oils for Audi A3:

VAG Special Plus 5W-40, 5 L
VAG Special Plus 5W-40, 1 L
VAG Special G 5W-40, 5 L
VAG Special G 5W-40, 1 L
VAG Special C 0w-30 5 L
VAG Special C 0w-30 1 L
VAG LongLife II 0w-30 5 L
VAG LongLife II 0w-30 1 L
VAG LongLife III 5W-30, 5 L
VAG LongLife III 5W-30, 1 L

Engine oil volume

EngineGasoline / DieselYear of issueEndVolume of oil in the engine, l
1.6 FSIG2003–>3.60
1.8 20VG199620034.50
1.8 20V TurboG199620034.60
1.9 TDID199620014.50
1.9 TDID200020034.30
2.0 TDID2003–>3.80
2.0 TDID2006–>4.30
2.0 TFSIG2006–>4.60
3.2 V6G2003–>5.50

Tip: stock up on 1 more liter of oil, as TFSI motors like to β€œeat” about 1 liter per 10,000 km, this is absolutely normal.

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