What is Audi drive select

Audi drive select (ADS) – the ability to select driveability, dynamics, and comfort modes. Available modes: comfort, auto, dynamic, efficiency, and individual (the latter only in conjunction with MMI® Navigation plus).

Audi drive select combines all the vehicle components and systems that determine the car’s road behavior: engine, transmission, steering (optional), shock absorbers (optional), and a sporty rear differential (optional). The driver can change the characteristics of these systems at any time according to personal preferences.

The first attempt to find distinctions between modes was not clear and only DYNAMIC mode had a significant difference, and at first sight, its feature does not differ from the S-mode of automatic transmission. However, with time, other more noticeable differences began to appear.

For example, COMFORT mode is distinguished by the smoother behavior of the steering, smoother operation of the transmission, and the engine. It is convenient for everyday driving in the city and on the highway.

EFFICIENCY mode is characterized by a more economical mode of operation of the gearbox and engine, allowing you to select the optimal program of work of the engine and gearshift, which also reduces fuel consumption and contributes to a more balanced driving style. Impressions are that you can always maintain higher gears and low engine revs, you can drive at a speed of 5-10 km/h in 3rd gear, steering is similar to COMFORT mode. It is convenient for driving in heavy traffic jams or the urban rush mode.

The mode DYNAMIC is probably the most expressive of all and exactly the opposite to the mode EFFICIENCY. In this mode, the gearbox (as well as in sports mode) sustains lowered gears and high engine speed, trying to hold them as long as possible, and the steering thus becomes much sharper, which was a revelation for me, because after the Japanese, all the Germans “steer sluggishly”.

The mode AUTO is really universal and just because of this it is convenient. In this mode, automatics select this or that model from the list above for each of the units separately. It does not cause any complaints, the logic is predictable in most cases, that is why it is set for a reason and never changes for most owners, however, this mode can be combined (read below).

The most favorite mode for my daily use is the INDIVIDUAL mode. Here it is allowed to choose an individual mode of steering and engine/shift gearbox separately. I have set COMFORT as the steering mode and AUTO for the engine/shift gearbox. This guarantees me comfortable steering (quite satisfactory to me in terms of its characteristics) and the ability to automatically select the mode of the gearbox and the internal combustion engine in accordance with my driving style.

There is another mode MANUAL, which is not part of ADS, but no less interesting, which is activated by switching the gear selector or the paddle on the steering wheel to manual gearshift mode. Unlike DYNAMIC mode and sport mode of the gearbox, participation of automatics in gear selection is minimal here, the engine speed is regulated only by the degree of acceleration pedal and manual gear selection (analog of transmission), automatic upshift, unlike sport mode, occurs in the red zone or only at the request of the driver. This mode for me has become more preferable to a gearbox sport mode.

In summary, it should be said and recognized the paradox that I would not be too worried if ADS was not in my package, but would definitely regret its absence.

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