What does DTC mean BMW


One of the most dangerous situations on the road is when the grip changes sharply. The DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) system is indispensable in these situations, allowing you to smoothly and discreetly dose engine torque even in the most difficult conditions.

With the help of a number of sensors – ABS and inclination angle – and a comparison of front and rear wheel speed, the control unit detects possible slippage in the rear wheel – and preventively. If there is a risk of spinning, the control unit automatically reduces engine torque.

The system has several operating algorithms that depend on the selected driving mode (Rain, Road, Dynamic, etc.). In addition, the DTC can be deactivated on a race track or off-road.

Keep in mind that although the DTC system provides invaluable assistance and greatly increases safety, it cannot violate the laws of physics. Therefore, in order to avoid accidents, in difficult weather conditions, we recommend driving the motorcycle with particular care.

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