How to set the clock on a 2005 BMW X3

The BMW X3, from the German manufacturer, is a luxury and compact SUV that has been in production in the United States since 2004. The car has no dedicated clock, although the time can be adjusted, both on the odometer and on the audio panel. The digital clock in your BMW X3 is set and adjusted with a button that is near the dashboard, more specifically near the odometer. When the clock is set, the time is automatically transmitted to the audio system panel. Below we will tell you how to set or change the time on this BMW model.

  1. Insert the key into the ignition of your BMW X3; turn the key to the first position.
  2. Note the two buttons directly to the right of the odometer, these buttons are used to set the car clock.
    Press and hold the right button until the numbers indicating the clock appear on the odometer display. Note that the colon on the right will start flashing, indicating that you have entered setup mode.
  3. Press the left button repeatedly to set the desired time.
  4. Now moving on to minutes, use the right button to enter the time setting mode for minutes.
  5. Use the left button to set the corresponding time in minutes.
  6. Press the right button one last time to save the clock settings.

That’s it, the setting is over, although many people are more comfortable installing a full-fledged navigator or tablet, which will have all the features you need, including the time.

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