Oil in automatic transmission BMW X5 E53

Changing the transmission fluid in the automatic transmission, car owners often ask themselves the question. What oil in the automatic transmission BMW X5 E53 is necessary to fill and with what frequency to do it. The question is more than relevant, as each of the automatic transmissions has its own original transmission oil and a large number of its analogs.

Oils in automatic transmission BMW X5 E53

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Automatic transmissions BMW X5 E53 have a clear link to the volume of the motor installed on the vehicle. Thus, from the models of the automatic transmission, which complete this line of cars, it is worth allocating five and six-speed hydro-mechanical gearboxes GM 5L40E, ZF 5HP, and ZF 6HP.

GM Automatic Transmission Oil 5L40E BMW X5 E53

This five-speed transmission can be seen on the restyled model from 2003, which has an engine capacity of 3 liters. The original transmission is called BMW ATF Dexron VI. There are also plenty of analogs (Shell Spirax S5 ATF X, Total FLUIDE XLD FE, and so on).



Transmission fluid for automatic transmission ZF 5HP BMW X5 E53
The ZF 5HP transmission was installed on first-generation cars with a gasoline engine volume:

3.0L, 231 hp.
4.4 liters, 286 hp.
4.6 liters, 347 hp.

The original oil filled in these boxes by the manufacturer is called ZF LifeGuard 5. From analog products, one can give an example of RAVENOL ATF 5/4 HP Fluid.

ZF LifeGuard 5
Oil in automatic transmission ZF 6HP BMW X5 E53
Six-speed hydromechanical German automatics were installed on restyled models with engine displacement:

3.0L, 218 hp.
4.4L, 320 hp.
4.8 L, 360 hp.

The original oil is produced in Germany and has the ZF LifeGuard 6 mark. Also, this transmission fluid has a decent number of analogous products. For example Pentosin ATF1 LV.

ZF LifeGuard 6
Pentosin ATF1 LV

The required amount of oil for an automatic transmission replacement in BMW X5 E53

GM 5L40E.
Changing the oil in this box partially, the required amount of transmission fluid will be up to 6 liters. At the same time, a full replacement will require about 9 liters of oil. It’s also worth mentioning the replacement of consumables in the form of an oil filter and seals.

The oil in the automatic gearbox of the X5 E53 ZF 5HP can also be changed in several ways. A full charge, which requires displacing all the transmission oil in the box, requiring about 9 liters of oil. Or partial, which will cost only 3 liters of the working fluid. It is also worth replacing the oil filter.

For full oil replacement in this gearbox, you will also need 9 liters of transmission fluid. But it is possible to partially solve the problem with 4.5 liters of transmission fluid. You also have the opportunity to buy the original complete set for oil replacement in this automatic transmission, including 7 liters of oil and all necessary consumables.

At what intervals to change the oil in the automatic transmission BMW X5 E53

The situation on this issue is unusual. The Bavarian manufacturer claims that the oil in the box is filled for the entire lifetime. On the other hand, the manufacturers of GM and ZF boxes say that it is still necessary to change a little oil, but at the mileage of 80-100 thousand kilometers. In practice, the oil in the automatic transmission of BMW X5 E53 should be changed at the mileage of 60,000 kilometers.

Checking the oil level in automatic transmission BMW X5 E53

Checking the oil level in the automatic transmission BMW X5 E53 can only be done with the drain plug since these models of automatic transmission simply do not have a dipstick level. To check the oil level it is necessary:

  • level the car
  • warm-up oil to 35% temperature
  • Unscrew the drain plug, located in the lower part of the automatic transmission.
  • The abundant oil leak indicates its overabundance in a gearbox, which is also not good. Drain it until the transmission starts to flow in a thin stream. If after these manipulations the oil does not leak at all, it should be added to the normal level.

What type of oil for BMW X5 e53

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