Which is better BMW X5 or Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport and BMW X5 – cars with different character, but the same comfort. Let’s try to compare the models with each other and determine for which conditions it will be better to buy one or another car.

Exterior, dimensions, specifications

The exterior of both cars is worthy of attention. BMW X5 has a streamlined shape, looking a little more gentle than the RR Sport. Thresholds of the body are not protected by doors, so it is necessary to get in and out of the car carefully: there is a possibility to soil the pants. There is a rear double-leaf door. The exterior of the Range Rover Sport is more austere, with big smooth lines, the radiator grille is well pronounced, the lighting used is a diode, and the turn indicators are dynamic. The thresholds of the car are always clean, which increases the comfort of use.

The dimensions of the cars are about the same: BMW X5 is slightly longer and slightly lower.

The configuration suggests several variations, both from the BMW X5 and Range Rover Sport side. In the first and second case, you can buy cars with a gasoline or diesel engine of different liters. However, the manufacturers of RR Sport have equipped their children with a novelty – the hybrid installation, combining 116 hp electric motor and 300 hp petrol turbo-engine. Such a set gives an opportunity to accelerate a car up to a hundred for 6.7 seconds. Charging the electronic battery is possible at home or in a special terminal.

The cars drive well. In both cases, the gearbox meets the requirements of powerful engines: it reacts quickly, and the speeds are switched without effort. The steering wheel reacts instantly, the brakes are highly responsive. The Range Rover Sport is more powerful, with more torque.

Interior design, electronics

BMWs differ from other cars in the comfort of the interior, and the X5 does not lose in this respect either. A lot of leather is used in the decoration, there are inserts of wood. There are a lot of adjustment components on the steering wheel. Passenger and driver’s seats can be adjusted at will according to the physique of the sitting person. Safety at a high level: there are front and side airbags, heated seats, automatic climate control, a rain sensor, the ability to wash the headlights, and a six-disc audio system.

The new Range Rover Sport models are also very technologically advanced and comfortable. Leather and aluminum are used in trimming. The front panel is equipped with electronics: two displays and rotary knobs. It is noteworthy that the number of seats in second-generation cars can range from five to seven. The third line of seats is placed in the luggage compartment, so they cannot be considered full seats. Without installing additional seating, the amount of free space is 780 liters, which is 130 liters more than in the X5. The functionality is identical to the BMW, but many users complain about the poor sound of the audio system.

Economy, maintenance, price

Fuel consumption is less in the BVM X5 – the manufacturer claims 6.2 liters per 100 kilometers. The RR Sport has this indicator is equal to 7.9 liters per 100 kilometers.

In terms of service, the reviews of the car owners are ambiguous. On the one hand, it is easier to find parts for BMW and there are more showrooms in the regions, that is, the service is better organized. However, if there is a need for repair, its cost will be more expensive than the repair of the Range Rover Sport. In addition, it is more difficult to sell a BMW on the secondary market, and the price will drop significantly compared to a new one from the showroom.


Range Rover Sport is an SUV that has elements of a sports car. Moves well off-road have a maximum high ground clearance of 335 mm. The convenience of the interior and comfort of driving at a high level. BMW X5 is considered a crossover, so it feels great on the highway, but on rough terrain moves uncertainly. Power figures are very different: The RR Sport is more powerful, accelerates faster, but wastes more gasoline. This feature plays an important role when driving often on the highway, but in the city conditions, it does not bring significant advantages.

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