How to remove windshield?

Materials and Tools for Replacing a Windshield

Before you begin replacing your windshield, you need to have the following

  • Materials and tools: a metal string with 2 handles;
  • awl or sharpened wire; suction cups to hold the glass in place;
  • screwdrivers;
  • wrenches;
  • chisel;
  • masking tape;
  • glass sealant adhesive;
  • sealant gun;
  • solvent, primer;
  • Swabs and gloves.

A closed and dry room (garage or autobox) will be required for glass replacement. The car must spend at least one day in it. To do the job properly and safely, you will need one or two helpers. Before starting the work, the car should be washed especially in the area of the windshield.

How to remove an old windshield

A clean car must first be installed in a garage or box on a level surface. The procedure for removing the windshield is as follows:

The rubber gasket on the outside of the car is removed with a flathead screwdriver. Wipers, plastic shields, moldings are removed. Inside the car, the dashboard and front seats should be covered with a film to protect them from dust and dirt. The dashboard and front seats should be covered with film to protect them from dust and dirt. The side compartment sealer is removed, the front pillar cards are pressed away in the grip area and removed. The screws must be unscrewed and the sun visors removed. 6. Sensors and wires going to the windshield, it is necessary to disconnect and dismantle. Using a saw or sharpened wire to pierce the sealed seam (old glue). A faceted string is inserted into the puncture and then the handles are attached to the edges. It is more convenient to start cutting the old windshield from the upper left corner. It is more convenient for two people to do the work of cutting the adhesive sealant. One is in a comfortable position and the other on the outside of the car. The principle of work is simple, first one person pulls the string towards himself, while the other holds his section taut. Then the string moves in the opposite direction. In places where the string may hit a panel or trim, a piece of sheet metal should be placed under the string. When the entire perimeter is cut, the windshield is removed from the car using suction cups. Now you must remove the old adhesive from the body and the glass (if it is to be reinstalled). This will require a chisel and solvent.

Install the new windshield in the following sequence:

Before applying adhesive to the body and windshield surfaces, treat the contour with primer. This will improve the adhesion of the surface to the adhesive. It is recommended that you warm the tube or can with a hairdryer or warm water before applying the adhesive. Clean rubber sealant is applied to the glass. The tube is cut about 20 mm high (5 mm wide). The adhesive can be applied both to the contour of the windshield and to the surface of the body. Most professionals apply a sealant to the glass. But in the absence of sealant, it is better to glue around the perimeter of the body. It is very important that the strip sealant is very strong. The only seam is at the bottom in the center. After applying the adhesive, you need to carefully install the windshield in the opening. Once in place, lightly press the glass into place to make sure it fits snugly. Then press the glass firmly against the body so that the sealant fills in all the gaps. To keep the glass from moving, it should be secured with several tapes to keep it from moving. After replacing the windshield, you can install plastic guards, side moldings, and windshield wipers.

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