How to change the battery in a Nissan key fob?

The manual will also be useful for car owners of the following Nissan and Infiniti car models, viz: -Versa, Maxima, Juke, Rogue, Murano, Xterra, Pathfinder, Sentra, Cube, Armada, Leaf, Quest, Frontier, 370Z, GT-R, Titan, G25, G37, M35 and M37.

All remote control keys use CR2032 lithium flat 3-volt battery (cell pill). This type of battery can be found all over the market these days and is produced by multiple companies such as Panasonic, Sony, Energizer, Maxell and Duracell, Cosmos, and others operating around the world.

To replace the battery in the key you need a single tool – a screwdriver, which is needed to separate the two parts of the keyring from each other.

First, you need to separate the key from the keyring (i.e. the part with the ring and where the buttons are located). To do this, you need to take the keyring with your hands in such a way that its buttons were visible. Then you need to turn the key fob on the other side, i.e. buttons down.

After that, you need to hand slide the button lock to the outer edge of the key fob.

After you have moved the switch (detent) you need to pull the metal key out of the key fob body itself. Put it aside for a while.

Next, you need to take the part of the key fob with buttons and find there two small marks (notches-grooves), which are usually located on the end part of the key fob. This is the same place that closed the metal key you removed in advance from the key fob. After that, you need to take a screwdriver, and not to scratch the keyring body, you need to wrap the tip of the screwdriver with a thin micro-tissue.

After separating the key fob into two halves, as shown in the photo, then you need to pull out the old battery with the same flat screwdriver gently hooking the battery on one side.

The “minus” is up and the “plus” is down.

Take a new 3-volt lithium cell battery labeled CR2032. Insert it into the case with the plus side (“+”) so that you have the minus side (“-“) of the battery on top.

That is, the minus side of the battery should be facing you, and where the battery is marked it should be on the bottom.

Take the other half of the key fob and gently press it against the part where you installed the battery.

Initially, make sure that the two halves of the key fob click into each other. To do this, put your hands on each side and each corner of the key fob.

Insert the metal keyring back into the key fob. After inserting the keyring, push it all the way in until you hear a click, which to you will mean that the key is fully locked.

To check if you have done everything correctly, you need to check if the key fob works. To do this, press the “Unlock” and “Lock” keys.

If the new battery is working properly, you will see the car’s parking lights come on and you will hear the door locks open or close.

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