How to change the battery in the key of the Audi A6

Replacement of the battery in the key of the 2005 Audi A6 may be needed about once every one and a half to two years. Do not be afraid of this procedure – to change the battery in the key can be very simple and fast with your own hands. Among the tools you will need only something flat: screwdriver, knife, coin, etc. And of course a new battery with the number CR 2032. Sony, Panasonic, Duracell and others make them.

How to change the battery in the Audi A6 key

First, you need to lift the lid of the key fob near the β€œear” for which you can pick up the key fob. Then remove the cover – the battery will be in it.

The new battery is installed in the cover of the negative side up.
Next, you just need to change the battery: take out the old battery, then install a new β€œ+” down. Then put the cover with the battery back on the key fob, and lock it.

You can check the new battery by pressing the button – the diode should light up.

Keychain Audi A6 2005

1. It is necessary to take batteries with the number CR2032 for 3 volts. These batteries, if they are from reputable manufacturers, are replaced at 18-24 month intervals.

3 volt CR2032 numbered batteries

2. Lift the cover of the key fob.

3. Remove the cover – the battery is installed in it.

The battery is installed in the key fob cover

4. Change the battery and install a new one in the cover β€œ+” down.

5. Close the key fob cover

6. Check the key fob.

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