What is the difference between an Audi A6 and an Audi S6

Externally, the Audi A6 and S6 practically do not differ. Both cars are produced in the same body, which in the case of the S6 is only decorated with an additional emblem on the radiator grille. But in terms of the stuffing there are differences, and quite significant. Audi S6 is assembled on the basis of all-wheel drive modification A6 Quattro in its maximum configuration. The highlight of the entire lineup is the engines – for example, the last generation can boast a 4.0-liter power unit that develops 420 hp of power. For the engine changed and running gear S6: the main nodes of the suspension are replaced by a lighter aluminum, with it set up even more rigid than the spirit of a close to her A6 sport. One more distinctive feature of the S6 is a complete set. Salons of this line invariably meet drivers with leather and stylish wooden or metal inserts. Instead of standard seats, comfortable Recaro “buckets” are installed here. Traditionally, quite an extensive list of electronics – in addition to the standard features of S6 in recent years can boast the presence of a tire pressure sensor, the system of tracking traffic lane markings, adaptive cruise control, rear Parktronic, four-zone climate control, and other nice gadgets.

Audi A6 and S6 comparison

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