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Datsun cars have a VIN that is almost identical to the standard without a checksum but with an indication of the model year. In general, the structure of Datsun VINs repeats that of NISSAN cars.

Datsun for the Russian market Z8NBAABD0F0 XXXXXX

  P / p No. Sign Description
WMI 1 Z Manufacturer’s identification code.
2 eight
3 N
VDS 4 B Body type:
B – sedan, 4 doors
E – hatchback, 3 doors
F – hatchback, 5 doors
J – station wagon / minivan (Indian “GO”)
Z – hatchback, 5 doors (Indian “GO”)
5 A Engine code:
A – 1.6 8 cl. 87 h.p.
B – HR12DE (Indian “Redi-Go”, “GO” and “GO +”)
B – 1.6 8 cl. 82 h.p.
6 A Drive type and number of seats:
A – 5 seats, front-wheel drive, 4×2
N – 5 seats, four-wheel drive, 4×4
7 B Platform and model code:
AD0 – Go, Go + (India)
BD0 – on-DO (sedan based on LADA Granta)
BD0 – mi-DO (5 door hatchback based on LADA Kalina)
CD0 – Redi-Go (India)
eight D
nine 0
  ten F Model year
eleven 0 Fixed code “0” associated with NISSAN regulations for the European market
12 X Serial number
13 X
fourteen X
15 X
16 X
17 X

List of possible WMI for DATSUN

Brand WMI Add. code Manufacturer Brand owner Code of the country Country Additionally Created / edited date VIN decoding
DATSUN MDH   Renault Nissan Automotive India (I) RENAULT-NISSAN MD India   2016-01-15 ++
DATSUN Z8N   Nissan Manufacturing Rus LLC (RUS) RENAULT-NISSAN Z8 Russia modified LADA models for Nissan dealer network 2015-10-28 ++

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