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The Great Wall VIN is fully compliant with the standards and consists of 17 characters. The checksum (control number, check digit) in the 9th position and the model year in the 10th position are mandatory.
When checking the “national” VIN vehicles, passed through SKD assembly at the plants in the CIS countries (such VINs start with “X”, “Y”, “Z” and are not marked on the body power elements, and attached to his plate) must be aware that, as a rule, SKD assemblers take the original Chinese VIN and change only the first three characters in it (this WMI – international manufacturing code) to their own and, therefore, such a VIN check the checksum will not pass. In this case, replace the first 3 symbols of VIN with “LGW” – after that check should be passed. Although it is still best to use the former “native” VIN, punched on the body, which now serves simply as a body number, as typing the plate with the VIN at our assembly plant may have made a mistake in any other characters of the VIN.


  P / p No. Sign Description
WMI 1 L Manufacturer’s identification code.
2 G
3 W
VDS 4 C Body and drive type:
CA – RWD pickup
DA – AWD pickup
EF – RWD station wagon (SUV)
FF – AWD station wagon (SUV)
5 A
6 2 Engine:
2 – 491QE (Mitsubishi license)
3 – 4G64S4M (Mitsubishi license, 2.4L)
3 – 4G63S4M (Mitsubishi license, 2.0L)
7 G Model code:
17 – 1026SE (Socool 4×2)
A5 – 6460KY (Hover 4×4)
A5 – 6460KY (Haval H3 4×4) [for the Ukrainian market]
A6 – 6481BY (Pegasus 4×4)
GA – 1021AR (G5 4×2) / 1021AY (G5 4×4)
G5 – 6460DY (SAFE SUV G5)
G6 – 1022SR (G3 4×2) / 1022SY (G3 4×4)
G7 – 1021CR (G1 4×2) / 1027SY (Sailor 4×4)
G8 – 1021LR (G2 4×2)
eight A
nine 0 Check sum
  ten 5 Model year
eleven A ???
12 X Serial number
13 X
fourteen X
15 X
16 X
17 X

List of possible WM for GREAT WALL

Brand WMI Add. code Manufacturer Brand owner Code of the country Country Additionally Created / edited date VIN decoding
GREAT WALL Lgw   GREAT WALL (CHN) GREAT WALL Lg China   2007-02-27 ++
GREAT WALL X9X   IMS (formerly Avtotrade-12 LLC) (RUS) GREAT WALL X9 Russia Assembly from SKD kits 2012-03-09 ++
GREAT WALL Y7C   KrASZ GREAT WALL Y6 Ukraine SKD assembly 2008-01-23  

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