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Mercedes-Benz cars have a different VIN code structure for the European and North American markets. The easiest way to tell them apart is to look at the 4th digit of the code. If it is “1” or “2” – the car is for the European market; if it is a letter (currently “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, “N”, “R”, “T”, “U”, “V”, “Y”) – for the North American market. In the latter case, 100% compliance with the requirements of the standard is ensured.

The VIN of Mercedes-Benz vehicles for the European market does not contain information on the year of manufacture. Some of this information is available in the tables here for 1983…1999 passenger cars. The use of these tables is almost unavoidable for cars made in that period, as the official dealer catalog has no such information more often than not. But please note that here is the date of manufacture, not the date of shipment to the dealer, which is available in Datacard at official dealers. You can check all the data from the Datacard for the complete VIN of a Mercedes-Benz vehicle in the form above.


  P / p No. Sign Description
WMI 1 W Manufacturer’s identification code.
2 D
3 B
VDS 4 1 Model range:
Factory code of the model without the first letter of the body type (W) 124, (C) 124, (S) 210, (R) 129, etc.
5 2
6 4
7 0 For “old” models (put into production until the end of the last century):
Engine type:
0 – petrol
1 – diesel
2 – petrol with 4matic all-wheel-drive system
3 – diesel with 4matic all-wheel-drive systemFor “new” models (put into production in the current century), it mainly indicates the body type and / or version of the base model:
0 – “base” sedan / hatchback / crossover, standard wheelbase (C-class (W204, E- class (W211, W212), S-class (W221))
1 – “basic” sedan / hatchback / crossover, extended wheelbase (S-class (V221))
2 – station wagon, 5 doors (B-class (T245), C-class (C204))
3 – for A-class (C169): 3-door body
3 – coupe (CLK-class (C209), CLS-class (C219), CL-class (C216), SLR-class ( C199))
4 – roadster or convertible (SLK-class (R171), CLK-class (A209), SL-class (R230), SLR-class (R199))
7 – compact class (used in CLC-class (C203 ))
8 – special body design (this is how GL-class (X164) is distinguished from ML-class (W164))
9 – special body design (this is how GLK-class (X204) is distinguished from C-class (W204))
eight 2 Code identifying the engine (and transmission) used. In case of any engine change, a new code is entered.
For “new” models (put into production in the current century) the following filling rules:00 … 39 – diesel engine
40 … 89 – gasoline engine
90 … 99 – alternative engine (gas, electric, etc.)The unique “basic equipment” of the car (platform (model) code and the engine installed on it) are identified by 4 … 9 VIN characters and are referred to in the factory materials as Baumuster. The rest of the options installed on the car can be found with the full VIN on hand
nine 2
  ten 1 Steering:
1 – steering wheel on the left side (for right-hand traffic)
2 – steering wheel on the right side (for left-hand traffic)
eleven A Place of assembly:
(For Germany)
A, B, C, D, E – Sindelfingen
F, G, H, T – Bremen
J – Rastatt
7 – Graz, Austria (Gelendewagen W460 / 461/463, ML W163 / 164 / 166, GL X164 / 166)manufacture.For the USA:
A – Tuscaloosa, Alabama
12 X Serial number
13 X
fourteen X
15 X
16 X
17 X


  P / p No. Sign Description
WMI 1 W Manufacturer’s identification code.
2 D
3 B
VDS 4 R Model range in combination with WMI code (1 … 4 VIN characters) :
4JGA – ML-class W163
4JGB – ML-class (W164) / GL-class (X164)
4JGC – R-class V251 / W251
4JGD – ML- class (W166) / GL-class (X166)
4JGE – GLE Coupe C292
4JGW – C-class W205
55SW – C-class W205
9BMR – C-class W203 / S203 / C203
9BMW – C-class W205
LE40 – GLC-class C253
LE4W – C-class W205 / V205
LE4Z – E-class W213 / V213
RLM0 – GLC-class С253
RLMW – C-class W205
WDBA – E-class W123 / A123 / C123
WDBB – SL-class R107 / C107
WDBB – G-class (W461)
WDBC – S- class W126
WDBD – C-class (190) W201
WDBE – E-class W124 / C124 / S124 / A124
WDBF – SL-class R129
WDBG – S-class W140
WDBH – C-class W202 / S202
WDBJ – E-classW210 / S210
WDBK – SLK-class R170
WDBL – CLK-class A208 / C208
WDBM – A-class W168
WDBN – S-class V220 / W220
WDBP – CL-class C215
WDBR – C-class W203 / S203 / C203
WDBS – SL -class R230
WDBT – CLK-class A209 / C209
WDBU – E-class W211 / S211
WDBW – SLK-class R171
WDBY – G-class (W463)
WDC0 – GLC-class С253/ GLC-coupe X253
WDCA – ML-class (W163)
WDCB – ML-class (W164) / GL-class (X164)
WDCC – R-class V251 / W251
WDCD – ML-class (W166) / GL-class (X166 )
WDCG – GLK-class X204
WDCT – GLA-class X156
WDCY – G-class (W463)
WDCZ – G-class (W461)
WDDA – SLR-class R199 / C199
WDDC – A-class W169 / C169
WDDD – CLS-class C219
WDDE – CL-class C216
WDDF – B-class T245
WDDG – C-class W204 / S204 / C204
WDDH – E-class W212 / S212
WDDJ – SL-class R231
WDDK – E-class Cabrio (A207) / E-class Coupe (C207)
WDDL – CLS-class C218
WDDM – A -class W168
WDDN – S-class V221 / W221
WDDP – SLK-class R172
WDDS – CLA-class W117
WDDU – S-class V222 / W222
WDDW – C-class W205 / S205
WDDX – S-class Cabriolet A217 / S-class CoupeC217
WDDY – Mercedes-AMG GT C190
WDDZ – E-class W213 / S213
WMEA – Smart W450
WMEB – Smart W452
WMEC – Smart W454
WMEE – Smart W451
WMXY – Mercedes-AMG GT C190The exact conversion of VIN for the American market to FIN (in-plant identification number corresponding to the structure of the VIN for the European market) and dialing (from FIN to VIN)
5 N Body type (???)
6 4 Configuration code (???)
7 0
eight J Safety systems code:
D – seat belt + emergency pre-tensioners, driver front airbags
E – seat belt + emergency pre-tensioners, driver and passenger front airbags
F – seat belt + emergency pre-tensioners, driver and passenger front and side airbags
H – unknown value
nine nine Checksum
  ten 5 Model year
eleven A Place of assembly:
(For the production of Germany)
A, B, C, D – Sindelfingen
E – Juiz de Fora (Brazil)
F, G, H – Bremen
M – Woking (Great Britain) (SLR McLaren)
T – Osnabruck
J – Rastatt
R, S – East London (South Africa)
X – Graz (Austria)For USA production:
A – Tuscaloosa, Alabama
12 X Serial number
13 X
fourteen X
15 X
16 X
17 X

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