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The VIN of TESLA vehicles/electric vehicles is fully compliant with the standard regardless of the market.


  P / p No. Sign Description
WMI 1 5 Manufacturer’s identification code.
2 Y
3 J
VDS 4 S Model code:3 – Tesla Model 3
R – Tesla Roadster
S – Tesla Model S
X – Tesla Model X
Y – Tesla Model Y
5 A Body type [and maximum permitted weight index for Model X]:
A – hatchback, 5 doors, LHD
B – hatchback, 5 doors, RHD
C – minivan, 5 doors, LHD, 6001 … 7000 lb (2722 .. .3175 kg)
D – minivan, 5 doors, RHD, 6001 … 7000 lbs (2722 … 3175 kg)
E – roadster / convertible, LHD
6 1 For Tesla Roadster:Region:


1 – USA

For Tesla Model *:

Security systems:

1 – inertial seat belts, front airbags, side inflatable curtains, knee airbags, with presence sensor
2 – inertial seat belts with pretensioners, front airbags, side airbags for both rows, knee airbags
3 – inertial seat belts , front airbags, side air curtains, knee airbags
4 – inertia seat belts with pretensioners, front airbags, side air curtains, knee airbags
A – inertia seat belts with pretensioners, front airbags, side air curtains, airbags knee safety (Model X)
B – inertial seat belts with pretensioners, front airbags, side inflatable curtains (Model X)

7 H For Tesla Roadster:Security systems:


1 – reversible seat belts and front airbags
A – reversible seat belts with pre-tensioners and front airbags (from the model year 2010)

For Tesla Model *:

Battery type or charging system (from 2012) or power type (from 2015):

A – 10 kW
charger B – 20 kW
charger C – 10 kW constant current quick charge
charger D – 20 kW constant constant quick charge charger
E – electro
H – extended capacity lithium-ion battery
S – lithium-ion standard battery

eight 1 Power point:1 – one Tesla M6B 3-phase AC motor (“standard”)
2 – two Tesla M6B 3-phase AC motors (“standard”)
3 – one Tesla M6S 3-phase AC motor (“powerful”)
4 – two 3-phase AC motors Tesla M6S (“powerful”)
B – Tesla 56C with 2-speed gearbox
C – “basic” AC motor, 2-component battery (31 … 40 kWh)
G – ” basic “AC motor, 4-component battery (51 … 60 kW * h)
N -” ​​basic “AC motor, 7-component battery (81 … 90 kW * h)
P -” powerful “AC motor current, 7-component battery (81 … 90 kWh)
nine nine Check sum
  ten A Model year
eleven F Place of production:


1 – Menlo Park (USA)
3 – Hotel (UK)
F – Fremont (California, USA)
P – Palo Alto (California, USA)

12 P Development and production phase (probably only until 2012):


0 – Series production vehicle (production vehicle) [Tesla Roadster]
A – Alpha prototype (alpha prototype)
B – Beta prototype (beta prototype)
F – Founder series vehicle (founding
vehicle ) P – Production vehicle (production vehicle)
R – Release candidate vehicle (final pre-production instance)
S – Signature series vehicle (instance from the name series)

13 X Serial number
fourteen X
15 X
16 X
17 X

List of possible WMs for TESLA

Brand WMI Add. code Manufacturer Brand owner Code of the country Country Additionally Created / edited date VIN decoding
TESLA 5YJ   TESLA MOTORS (USA) TESLA MOTORS 5Y USA Electric sports cars 2008-11-01 ++
TESLA SFZ   LOTUS (GB) TESLA MOTORS SF United Kingdom Electric sports cars 2008-11-01 ++

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