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GOOGLE Vehicle / Electric Vehicle VIN (Low-Speed Vehicles (LSV)) is fully compliant with the standard regardless of the market.


  P / p No. Sign Description
WMI 1 1 Manufacturer’s identification code.
2 G
3 nine
VDS 4 F Model code:F – Low-Speed ​​Vehicle (LSV)
5 A Body type:
A – 2 doors, rear-wheel drive
6 1 Engine, battery, brake system:1 – brakes on all 4 wheels, AC electric motor, battery type No. 1 (20 … 30 kW * h)
7 A Gross weight index:A – no more than 2999 lbs (1360 kg)
eight 1 Passive safety systems:1 – inertial seat belts
nine nine Checksum
  ten E Model year.
eleven L Place of production:L – Livonia, Michigan, USA
12 4 Additional code for the manufacturer of small series of vehicles (up to 500 units per year) in accordance with the requirements of the standard.
13 nine
fourteen 5
15 X Serial number
16 X
17 X

List of possible WMI for GOOGLE

Brand WMI Add. code Manufacturer Brand owner Code of the country Country Additionally Created / edited date VIN decoding
GOOGLE 1G9 495 GOOGLE AUTO LLC (USA) ALPHABET 1G USA low-speed vehicles (LSV) 2015-11-02 ++

VIN: Small series marking.

There are tens of thousands of manufacturers in the world with small production volumes: piece supercars, fire trucks, large construction equipment, etc. Often the production volumes of such companies are measured in hundreds or even tens of vehicles per year. For these cases, and for the purpose of economy of possible variants of a manufacturer code (WMI), is the standard for manufacturers with annual volume up to 500 vehicles there is a variant when they all are united under one WMI ending with “9”, and enter additional code in 12…14 positions of VIN. The remaining 3 digits at the end for the serial number at these volumes is more than enough. For example, you can look at the small series manufacturers I know in Germany.

All small car manufacturers in Germany put VIN on their products in the format W09xxxxxxxxxxxxYYYxxx, where W09 is a code indicating that this manufacturer belongs to Germany and production volume is not more than 500 cars per year, YYY is a code indicating a specific manufacturer. The rest of the VIN positions are filled in by the manufacturers at their own discretion.

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